Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yet more Lembas Bread....

Ok I couldn't help it...I had to put in a Lord of the Rings reference...after all it wouldn't be winter without it playing on someone's TV. 

I have completed another pair of socks.  This pair is for miss Frieda in her favorite color.  I found this yarn at my local yarn store The Woolie Ewe last summer when it first came out and picked it up just for her.  I have since finished her dress and plan to add accents to the dress with the left over yarn from her socks. 

Since its the holidays and these socks are for a special little girl...they had to have a little bit of sparkle ;-)

I used Louisa Harding's Jasmine yarn in Color 25.  Yarn is made from 48% Cotton, 39% Bamboo, 10% Silk and 3% Polyester. I used circular needles size 3 mm.

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