Thursday, July 28, 2011

OMG....I can't believe its finally done!!!!!

When I picked this beautiful baby set for my unborn niece little did I know it would become the project that was doomed from the very beginning....

It was my first ever cable knitting project and I thought well it might be a little complicated but heck I can get through it.  I am a smart woman and  I like challenges. 

So, I was working on the dress and had the skirt completed and started the bodice of the dress and this is where things went severely wrong.  I tried and tried to complete it but when it came to the decreases it was nearly impossible because nothing matched.  So I let my trusty friend take a look and see where I kept screwing up.  Even she was cursing the pattern before she was done.  So, while she was working on the dress I decided to work on the blanket.  Well that turned out to be just as confusing.  We were ready to scrap the whole project and pick a different set when....

We get the brilliant idea of sitting down with the pattern and rewriting it in Texas English.  It worked....I started the blanket again around Easter of 2011.  Of course my niece was approximately 10 months old by this time, because she was born while I was working on the bodice the first time through.  So what began as her baby set is now her toddler set.  I finally finished the blanket around July 4, 2011.  I was never so happy to finish a baby blanket in all my life....

Finished Blanket for niece

Border detail

Corner detail

Another full view of the blanket

And now to finish the dress.....

more to come.......

Project is worked with Plymouth Baby;Pattern is Sandnes Lanett 0812 Baby 0-4


  1. Me? Swear at a pattern? ... yeah ok so I did at that LOL

  2. Yes, Yes you did...but then again so did I...LOL