Monday, August 1, 2011

My First Pair of Finished Socks

Socks have been the bane of my knitting experience.  I knitted a sock before that would probably fit a troll, because it surely wouldn't fit a normal sized foot of any kind.  Of course that was with a set of 5 dpns using the top down method.  I almost finished its mate but gave up when I came to the heal.  I just lost faith at the time.  I figured I would get back to it once I figured out what the heck i did wrong.  Needless to say it was a couple of years before I attempted it again...

Low and behold I finally gave it a shot again with a toe up pattern knitted in the round that my best friend and corrupter created.  Below is the result......

The original thought would be that I would make them for me...however they were a bit too big for me. They fit my dad so I gave them to him for Father's Day.  My dad said to me "socks for me....Doby is FREE".....of course if you know Harry Potter you will understand...needless to say he got a big laugh from me...because I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

They were knitted with Knitpicks Gothic self-striping fingering yarn.

I am now working on knitting the whole family socks for the holidays.....

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  1. Wow... I've never been anyone's corrupter before.... that you can prove, anyway ;-)