Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 18 Month Dress Project from H E C K .....

Remember the blanket project from a while was the one for my niece that was supposed to be done when she was born...  Well there was a dress that was supposed to go with it.  This dress was started and ripped out several times before I gave up on it and put it aside for a while.  After I finished the blanket my best friend and fellow knitter and I worked on re-translating the dress pattern to better explain the reduction of stitches with regards to the diamond pattern.  Below is the finished project:

Now of course we wanted to have a picture or two of Frieda in the dress but trying to get her to slow down can be rather difficult.  So we ran around with her trying to capture her in the dress as you see below it was fun......

It fits!!!!!!!!!! and she looked pretty happy running around in it....whew.....A successful project completed.  One thing I learned from this project was patience, patience, and patience......and when in doubt rip it out and start over after you have given yourself time to work on other projects ;-)

Project is worked with Plymouth Baby;Pattern is Sandnes Lanett 0812 Baby 0-4

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